Peace Coffee Partners with Farmers

Peace Coffee in Minneapolis was founded as a for-profit company in 1996 by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, a think-tank focused on creating fair food, farm and trade policies around the world. The idea came from Mexican coffee producers who were looking for new markets for their organic and a partnership with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Rigoberta Menchu. As a result, Peace Coffee was an early pioneer in Fair Trade – providing a good share of the market price to producers.

The company’s website states their mission which remains 20- years after its founding: “Since our very first container of coffee, we've been committed to working directly with small-scale farmer cooperatives from around the globe. All the coffee that we buy is fairly traded—as well as being organic and delicious—meaning that each pound goes towards supporting sustainable communities everywhere we do business.

We believe that direct relationships provide the best compass as we work to improve the supply chain. By owning our own importer, Cooperative Coffees, we're able to pay industry-leading prices to producers and build lasting partnerships with the farmers who grow our coffee. We visit our partners regularly to learn and share information, to taste and cup coffee, and to discuss the future of the coffee trade.

Last but not least, we strive to be transparent in all our business dealings. This means we make our coffee contracts available online, allowing anyone to see how much we've paid for each lot of coffee.”

In 2013, Peace Coffee became Minnesota’s first Public Benefit Corporation – a legal status that validates companies who balance social missions with profitability. Today, the company’s products can be found in major groceries, at its own coffee shops and at restaurants. Often the product is delivered by bicycle cart.