Six “Blue Sky” Companies Founded by Mindful Mamas

Moms are committed to doing what’s best for their kids so it’s no surprise they have founded companies that are mindful of child well-being:

KidsWater was founded by two Minnesota moms (one a dentist) that wanted to find a substitute for sugar-rich sodas and juice. The result was a juice box full of natural flavorings and no added sugar. Flavors include Paddle Board Punch, Biking Berries and Leaping Lemonade.

ChewBeads are non-toxic plastic necklaces that are safe for teething toddlers. Mom founder Lisa Greenwald decided to found the company when she realized that traditional jewelry was often composed of potentially harmful plastics or metals. Instead, her jewelry is made of silicon similar to that used in nipples and pacifier. Today the company also has safe-for-nibbling credit card holders, key chains, food utensils and other practical goodies.

Nuttzo is a nutrition rich butter made from seven kinds of seeds and, you guessed it, nuts. Mom Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi created the product to nourish her vitamin-deficient boys adopted from the Ukraine. The sale of every jar of helps support Nuttzo’s non-profit of choice, Project Left Behind – helping orphaned children around the world.

Dirty Knees Soap is all about simple ingredients, minimal packaging and scents like Minnesota Wood inspired by nature. It’s also about cleaning messes, according to founder Heidi Danos: “As a mother to twins (not to mention my lovely husband and loyal, albeit often muddy dog) I'm always cleaning something. Dirty Knees Soap is my eco-conscious, healthy, and whimsical answer to this daily problem.”

Yellow Scope, which makes science kits/toys for girls, was founded in 2014 by scientists and moms, Marcie Colledge and Kelly McCollum. Marcie and Kelly met in 2008 at their children’s elementary school as volunteers running the school's STEM programs, including Family Science Nights and the Science Fair. Their “aha moment” was realizing how well they work together and how passionate they both are about science, girls, and education. Over the years, this grew into an idea to build a company that would help young girls fall in love with science.

Kiwi Crate is another STEM-based business. Founded by mom of 3 Sandra Oh Lin, the company home-delivers STEM hand-on projects on a subscription basis. The projects are created for four groups ranging from age 3-16.

Two Moms in the Raw was the original name for Soul Sprout, a company devoted to organic products with sprouts. Shari Leidich and her mom Marsha started to experiment with sprouted foods as a way to health for Shari after she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. She believed that healthful foods that reduced inflammation would be the right path for her to wellness. Today, their products include granolas, crackers, cereal, nut bars and truffles.