Welcome to the Blue Sky Resolution

Once upon a time, companies focused on profits as their sole metric for success. “Blue Sky” ideals like changing the world for the better were dismissed as contrary to profitability and business success. Today, a new generation of entrepreneurs is combining profitability with values – resolving to operate their businesses for positive impact.

The Blue Sky Resolution movement already is “a thing”. Thousands of companies around the world are committed to following blue sky principles. We are pleased to introduce you to the companies that inspire us, the research that supports their resolve, and the resources that are available to entice more companies to sign on.

In turn, we are hoping that leaders at traditional companies also are inspired to change their ways for a more sustainable world, too.

The Blue Sky Resolution entrenches the following principles:

  • Address societal and environmental challenges with a for-profit business solution
  • View integrity, transparency and mission deliverables as important as the numbers on the balance sheet
  • Find better ways to operate that minimize their negative impact on their neighbors, their planet and society and maximize the beneficial aspects of their business
  • Use safe and responsibly-sourced ingredients
  • View employees and suppliers as critical assets to success
  • Support other businesses who also have adopted do-good missions


Six “Blue Sky” Companies Founded by Mindful Mamas

Moms are committed to doing what’s best for their kids so it’s no surprise they have founded companies that are mindful of child well-being:

KidsWater was founded by two Minnesota moms (one a dentist) that wanted to find a substitute for sugar-rich sodas and juice. The result was a juice box full of natural flavorings and no added sugar. Flavors include Paddle Board Punch, Biking Berries and Leaping Lemonade.

ChewBeads are non-toxic plastic necklaces that are sa...